Assembling Digital Media Overview

Assembling Digital Media is an Adobe Photoshop based course. Throughout the course we learned different techniques, like how to make a meme, a gif, and merge two videos together. My favorite assignment was the scavenger hunt around the school taking pictures of things from different perspectives. It was fun to get out of the classroom and to think outside the box with a limited location. So far the most challenging assignment is the final project of making a biography representing someone who makes us think of Jacksonville. I have grown up in Jacksonville so one person does not make me think about it. I had to choose a place that makes think of Jacksonville and then the person tied to that place. It has been challenging because I have so much free reign with the creativity. I am also doing it based off NAS Jax which has limited access points for filming. Overall, the class is informative and I learned almost all new things even after taking another Photoshop class. The professor was excellent at explaining concepts and would take the time to explain things step-by-step and one-on-one if someone did not understand.

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