Jacksonville Biography

For the final project, which was the most challenging for me, I chose a place that I think represents Jacksonville and the person tied to that place. Therefore, the person that represents Jacksonville to me is my dad. He was in the Navy for 20 years and was stationed at NAS Jacksonville for almost all 20 years; he started in Pensacola. The Navy brought him here, but my mom and her family is what actually kept him here. They met each other because they were neighbors and eventually got married. They have 3 daughters and it was the luck of the draw that allowed them to stay settled in Jacksonville with my mom’s family close by. Shooting the video proved to be difficult because it was a military base and there are only so many places you can even bring your phone to. There are photos from when my dad retired and also photos of when my dad came out to my school to show the kids the helicopter. It was like an in-house field trip. Growing up we went out to the base often: grocery shopping, public pools, hospital visits, holiday parties, and my personal favorite, the homecomings. Jacksonville is a beautiful city and I am glad I am able to call Jacksonville my city, by the luck of the draw.